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About Us

RaraMart is a new venture in Nepalese e-commerce market operating under Rara Incorporation which was founded by enthusiastic Nepalese entrepreneurs, business intellectuals from Japan and flourished under the care of Nepalese renowned business experts. Amidst the mushrooming e-commerce sites in Nepal, we strive to be the one-stop platform for buyers and sellers as we have a wide miscellany of products and services assuring a low price policy. 

With RaraMart you are just a few clicks away from your favorite products online, that is top notch in terms of value for money, originality, delivery time and many more features.

As a part of a global network, we at RaraMart ensure our valued customers with shopping never experienced before with any other trending e-commerce sites. Having our own digital and physical platform, we take due care of everything that concerns any potential customer so you can just order anything, relax and get it delivered within 24 hours! No hassles, no fear of fraud, and on top of that excellent quality is what distinguishes us. 

Delivery is absolutely free inside the periphery of the ring road inside the valley. For other parts of the country, minimal charges are applicable. Our diverse team in Nepal is all set to quench your thirst for shopping as we promise to trade anything from around our networks widened in multiple countries.