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FAQ Section


     Different categories and their respective FAQ’s


1    Ordering


1.1   How can I order from Raramart? 


 It is easy to make order form Raramart. First, you need an email or phone number to register an account with Raramart. After you log in with your email and password you may proceed to explore the site for your best choice. 


1.2    Can I request for speedy delivery?


Yes, you can, we try our best to deliver your order on time and you don’t have to pay for the request. Our standard delivery time is 24-hour around Kathmandu. 


1.3   How do I know my order has been confirmed?


       After you place an order you will receive a confirmation email registered in our system. At the same time, you will receive the verification call from our customer support representative. 


1.4   Can I order 2 or more different items at the same time?


         Yes, you can. You can choose any number of items from different categories. We would love to serve you based on your choices. 


1.5   How do I pay on Raramart?


         You can pay cash on delivery. We will be accepting online payment via debit/credit cards very soon.  We do not charge any free on delivery. 


1.6   How can I cancel my order?


     You can cancel the order by calling the number: 01 -4621535 in working hours (9 am to 5 pm). If the delivery is already on the way or it is being delivered then we request you to check return conditions and policy prior cancellation. 


2    Shipment


2.1   Do I have to pay for delivery?


      You might not have to pay if your order within ring road of Kathmandu Valley.  We request to check Shipping and Delivery outside Kathmandu Valley. 


2.2   How long does it take to deliver?


   Delivery time depends on the size of the order, delivery location. For more details please check Shipping and Delivery


2.3    Can I track my order?


    Yes, you can track your order. You will be provided a tracking number in your email after the order is confirmed. 


2.4   Can I get separate orders in the same shipment?


    Yes, you can. We can arrange for delivering your orders from the different category in the same shipment if you mention it while placing an order.   


3     Products and prices 


3.1   Is everything mentioned in product specifications genuine?


      Every item, prices, discount you see on Raramart is genuine and transparent. 


3.2   Can I contact the seller directly?


   Yes, you can. Raramart assists you for delivery of your beloved items at your doorstep without any hassle. 


3.3   Are the price labeled negotiable?


  Prices labeled on the Raramart are not negotiable. There are plenty of options you to choose from in Raramart, you can find that best fits you.  


4    Accounts 


4.1   Is my account safe?


We take all your information you provide through phone, registration as confidential.  


5    For Vendor 


5.1    How can I sell my products in Raramart?


You can follow the easy step by registering your business on Raramart’s website.  You can also give us a call on 01-4621535 we will assist you in every step to grow your business through Raramart.


Grow your business with leading online shopping site in Nepal. RaraMart assures of   fraudless , hassle-free business with excellent quality service.   RaraMart helps you to reach out customers throughout Nepal.  


Steps to sell on RaraMart


  1. Enter the www.raramart.com   OR http://www.raramart.com/vendor/register on your web browser and hover your mouse cursor on Top right section of the website. You will see "Login/Signup" option. 

  2. Click on the "Sign up"  and select Vendor Registration