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Report and Abuse take down Policy

1.      Raramart at its discretion and in accordance with applicable law may choose to monitor any products or other content and may remove any such content from the website if Raramart determines in its sole discretion that such content is in violation of Raramart's policies or any applicable law.

2.      If you believe that there is any content available on the website which is contrary to Raramart's policies or any applicable law you might report us at  01 -4621535 or email us to info@raramart.com. And we believe that reported content is true and genuine. During reporting you might need following details:

2.1   Your name, phone number and email id,

2.2   The exact nature of the Objectionable Content,

2.3   Reason you consider it as objectionable content.

3.       Raramart also respects the intellectual property rights of all entities. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated in any manner, please report us at provided number.

4.      Raramart will evaluate the content of the notice and take action either by taking down the content or seek additional information if needed.