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Grow your business with leading online shopping site in Nepal. RaraMart assures of   fraudless , hassle-free business with excellent quality service.   RaraMart helps you to reach out customers throughout Nepal.  

Steps to sell on RaraMart

  1. Enter the www.raramart.com   OR http://www.raramart.com/vendor/register on your web browser and hover your mouse cursor on Top right section of the website. You will see "Login/Signup" option. 
  2. Click on the "Sign up"  and select Vendor Registration


Fill out the complete form, we will verify your information further 

Following are the required details for Vendor Sign up

  1. Name and Email 
  2. Companies Name, address, Mobile number
  3. Industry and Category to choose from.
  1. Required Docs/Information 
  1. Merchandise
  2. PAN number
  3. Photoshoots ( We can make some arrangements on this)
  4. A government- issued identification documentation(if any)
  5. Bank Account
  6.  cataloging, etc (if any)

Monitor your status in Vendors Dashboard.

RaraMart provides training for packaging the goods & pre-delivery issues.